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MixRite Injection Systems and Fertilizer Feeders for Geenhouse

MixRite injector systems and fertilizer feeders are widely used in greenhouses and nurseries to pump a fertilizer in a water pipe at a constant rate for various water flows and water pressures. This method, i.e. injecting a fertilizer using only hydraulic power, is simple and precise.

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  1. Mazzei Injestor

    Mazzei Injector

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  2. Flow Switch 3/4" 24VDC

    Flow Switch 3/4" 24VDC

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  3. TF-5 MixRite Fertilizer & Chemical Injectors

    MixRite Fertilizer & Chemical Injectors

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  4. Mobile MixRite Injector Kit

    Mobile MixRite Injector Kit

    A practical tool for applying fertilizers and chemicals via an irrigation system, in quantities released slowly and continuously, such as required for regular plant growth.
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  5. Mazzei Dema Fertilizer Injector kit

    Mazzei Fertilizer Injector kit

    The Mazzei fertilizer injector and feeder kit is used to fertilize your field/greenhouse crops.
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  6. Suction-Fitted Fertilizer Injection Accessory
  7. Plastic ball for Suction head filter
  8. 1’’ Suction Head Filter
  9. Suction Filter Base

    Suction Filter Base

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