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Ground Covers for Greenhouses & Nurseries

Texsol or Sintex black or white ground covers or woven polypropylene fabrics (ground cloths) preventing weed growth in greenhouses, nurseries, production areas, and sale areas.

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  1. Grey Nonwoven Ground Cover | TX-70 in use
  2. Black Mulch Fleeces Agryl P-50 with lettuces

    Black Mulch Fleeces Agryl P-50

    The black mulch fleece improves crop production by preventing weed growth, while warming the soil, which is favorable for microorganisms useful for the good development of plants.
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  3. Greenhouse & Nursery ground cloth

    Greenhouse & Nursery ground cloth

    The ground cloth and weed control mat for greenhouses and nurseries
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  4. White Woven Ground Cover

    White Woven Ground Cover

    Ground cover for greenhouse and nurseries
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  5. Anti-Rooting & Winter Protection - Microfab

    Anti-Rooting & Winter Protection - Microfab

    Prevent weed growth and can be used as winter protection with Hibertex Pro tarps
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  6. Anchoring Pin Pounder

    Anchoring Pin Pounder

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