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Germination chamber with fan

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Item # IS GC6-1-Config

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Germination chamber with fan 12 levels

  • Germination chamber with fan 12 level
  • Germination chamber 6 level
Product No. Number of levels Dimensions

(H x W x L)

IS GC6-16 levels46'' X 51'' X 27''24 trays
IS GC12-112 levels76'' X 51'' X 27''48 trays

The 6 to 12 level room germinator with ventilation lets you start your seedlings easily and efficiently. 

The heating element included in the unit is immersed in water to provide moist heat. The germinator has a water level monitoring system that stops anything that might damage the equipment. It is therefore suggested to plug the device to a running water source to make operations easier. Furthermore, through ventilation, the cold air finds its way to the bottom of the device, which promotes a temperature rise. All these make it a very practical tool during seeding time.


  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Doors swing fully open on piano hinges allowing complete access to interior
  • Clear polycarbonate doors
  • The circular vents can be rotated from closed to open, providing infinite adjustments
  • All ventilation openings are screened
  • Thermostatically controlled heating element is submerged in water to provide moist heat
  • Aluminum heat baffle for more even heating
  • Water level sensor turns off heating element before element damage occurs
  • Digital display shows temperature within the chamber
  • Easy-set thermostat controls heating and optional ventilation fans
  • Shelf Brackets are spaced at 5"
  • Metal edged plastic shelves are removable for easy cleaning
  • 8Casters roll smoothly over doorjambs and bumps, 2 locking
  • Ships fully assembled and ready to use

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