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Garden Drip Tape Irrigation Kit 500' | BioPlus

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Drip Tape Irrigation Kit

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  • Drip Tape Irrigation Kit
  • Drip Tape Irrigation Kit
  • Drip Tape Irrigation Kit
  • Drip Tape Irrigation Kit
  • Valve connect to drip tape
Bioplus Residential Garden Equipment

An environmentally friendly irrigation system stemming from the latest agricultural technologies 

High quality environmentally friendly irrigation system designed according to rigorous agricultural standards. Perfect for vegetable gardens, the 500 ft (152 m) BioPlus drip irrigation set uses pipes with tiny integrated drippers for precise, consistent low-pressure delivery of water directly at the plants' roots.

Water savings of over 60% compared to spray irrigation systems.

The amount of water for each cultivated row can be precisely controlled for maximum growth. Drip irrigation helps significantly reduce water loss due to evaporation, runoff, spraying, erosion, and wind. 



  • 60% water savings
  • Easy to install
  • Better weed control
  • Better performance, quality, and consistency
  • Disease reduction
  • Filtration system included

 Qty # Item Description
1 IG BG-199S-1212 Brass Swivel Coupling FHT X FPT 3/4" 
1 IB 33-075S155 Filter 3/4"  155 Mesh
1 IV PR-075-L-12 Pressure Regulator [email protected] GPM - 12 PSI - 3/4FPT
1 II 861104 Nipple 3/4" x 1-3/8" (CL) SCH 80
1 II 405007 Tee 3/4" FIPT x FIPT x FIPT
1 II 439098 Reducing Bushing 3/4" x 1/4" MIPT x FIPT
1 IE PG-30 Pressure gauge STD 0-30 PSI
1 IB 31-H6TH75 Male Adaptor Serie 600 X 3/4" MIPT
1 rlx 50' BO EHD1650-005 Poly Hose 0,600 / 0,700 x Foot
10 IB 31-TV5B250 Connector with valve 250
1 IS 42315
1 rlx 500' GO8500 Drip Tape 0.8 mil - 500'
6 IB 31-TC500 Drip Tape Coupling
1 IB 31-A188 Figure 8 Line End 18mm
10 IB 31-AGP250 Goof Plug
1 IG TT520 Teflon Roll Tape 1/2''
10 IB 31-T5END End Plug Tape 5/8" with ring

Customer Reviews

Drip Tape Review by Nancy
General appreciation
Saves time and works great! (Posted on 19-05-27)
Irrigation kit Review by James
General appreciation
It s so easy to set-up.
Great product

(Posted on 18-06-21)
drip kit Review by jpb
General appreciation
Worked well. Just received the box damaged and the header hose had kinks in it, versus being wrapped in a coil AROUND something.
Should have been packaged like the drip tape. (Posted on 17-07-10)
very positive Review by Will
General appreciation
Love it! I didn't realize that by only feeding my plants I starve the surrounding weeds. Thanks! (Posted on 16-07-18)
Overall good Review by James
General appreciation
It works just like we expected. (Posted on 16-05-23)
Overall good Review by James
General appreciation
It works just like we expected. (Posted on 16-05-23)
Excellent Review by [email protected]
General appreciation
produit facile a poser et excellent service rapide (Posted on 13-05-29)

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