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Galvanized Posts with Hooks and Holes by Profil Alsace

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Item # FPOTP5M220-B

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Strip Galvanized Head Post

  • Strip Galvanized Head Post
  • Strip Galvanized Intermediate Post
Product No. Thickness Lenght Weight Post type
FPOTP5M220-B16 G7’
(2,2 m)
7,2 lb
(3,2 kg)
Intermediate Post
FPOTP5M240-B16 G8’
(2,4 m)
7,8 lb
(3,5 kg)
Intermediate Post
FPOTP5M30-B16 G10’
(3,0 m)
9,7 lb
(4,4 kg)
Intermediate Post
FPOTP5E2300-B16 G10’
(3,0 m)
15,3 lb
(6,9 kg)
Head post

The Strip Galvanized Post with Hooks and Holes from Profil Alsace (model P5M) are suitable for intermediate to high vines, up to 1.95 m (6,4 feet) above the ground. The poles are equipped with the patented tapered S-hook shaped latches.

The posts FPOTP5M220-B, FPOTP5M240-B and FPOTP5M30-B are intermediate posts. For this category of pole, we suggest that you always orient the opening of the profile facing the slope.

The post FPOTP5E2300-B is a head post.


  • Striped galvanized
  • The latches form large, stable wire eyes
  • The posts are suitable for use with any machinery in the vineyard.


The other poll models from Profil Alsace are also available. Contact your Dubois Agrinovation representative for more information.

Post Manufacturing (in French only)

Head Post Installation

Intermediate Post Installation

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