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Galvanized L Anchoring Pins

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Galvanized Bundle of 6'' L Anchoring Pins

  • Galvanized Bundle of 6'' L Anchoring Pins
  • Galvanized 6" L Anchoring Pins | 50 units
  • Galvanized 6" L Anchoring Pins
  • Galvanized 6'' L Anchoring Pins with installing tool
Product No. # Units / Box Length Width Gauge
BROCHES L 6"-50506'' (15,2 cm)1'' (2,5 cm)11
BROCHES L 6"10006'' (15,2 cm)1'' (2,5 cm)11
BROCHES L 8"10008'' (20,3 cm)1'' (2,5 cm)11

Galvanized 6'' L Anchoring Pins

Perfect to secure all types of  tarps to the ground:


** Manually Installed or with the Anchoring Pin Pounder

Customer Reviews

Good Review by truenorth
General appreciation
Does the job (Posted on 19-06-07)
Best pins ever Review by Neil Turner - Amara Farm
General appreciation
We have a loan soil and when fastening landscape fabric these are perfect to prevent lifting and easy to push into the soil. They are less likely to tear the fabric. They are much easier to pull out. (Posted on 18-11-09)
Best landscape fabric pin ever! Review by Neil at Amara Farm
General appreciation
We use a lot of pins and in our loan soil the 6” pins just don’t cut it. The 8” pins bite down in our soil and with the 90 degree bend are easy to push in with you foot. Also the bent pin seems to hold the fabric better with less chance of tearing. Quite reasonably priced. Only problem is we can’t get enough around. (Posted on 18-10-17)
8" are great Review by FatChance
General appreciation
We use a lot of the 8" staples and they do an excellent job of holding down ground cover. I'm not a big fan of the 6" though. The 2 extra inches makes a big different. (Posted on 18-05-13)
Works great Review by Gerry
General appreciation
We use these to hold down the plastic fold the edge of the plastic overabout 3 - 5 cm before pinning. We pin two rows at a time space pins about 3 - 4 ft apart depending on how windy it is in your location. Will purchase this product again lasts two seasons or more. (Posted on 18-04-26)
Good Quality - Fair Price Review by Blueberry
General appreciation
Nice pins that hold the plastic in place. I folded the plastic mulch edge over about 3 cm in places where the pins were used. None of my plastic has torn and the pins are holding great. (Posted on 17-05-10)
they look good, but I haven't used them yet Review by Jan
General appreciation
Nothing to say really. They look sturdy and useful. I hope 6" is long enough. (Posted on 17-03-23)
Excellent Review by Nancy
General appreciation
Very economical and easy to use. We find that they work great for securing the net. (Posted on 16-06-25)
Deluxe pins Review by Nova Scotia farmer
General appreciation
These are very nice anchor pins, I'm expecting them to last a lot longer than the cheaper ones I have used. I also like the bend at the top. I think that will help with fabric tearing at the puncture point. (Posted on 16-06-13)
6" is not enough Review by Emily
General appreciation
The 8" pins are great but the 6" are not enough to secure my ground cover in heavy winds. If you are considering them get twice as many as you might have thought you needed. (Posted on 16-06-06)
Good anchoring pins Review by AJ
General appreciation
The best pins I have found so far and thats why they get a 5 star rating. I really liked a different single pin with a round top but they rusted very quickly. I would rather have galvanized pins in the ground over rusty ones!! They will bend easily if they hit a rock/stone on the way in. Very secure once in the ground. (Posted on 15-08-04)
Very good. Review by Southern Gardener
General appreciation
Much better than locally available anchors and bulk pricing much more affordable even with shipping cost. (Posted on 15-05-12)
excellent product Review by sharon creek farm
General appreciation
i was using the pins from local hardware store these are superior strength. easy to push into the ground with my boot used to anchor tree protection (Posted on 14-12-21)
too soft, bend easily Review by khan
General appreciation
need better quality steal (Posted on 14-09-16)
Work Great! Review by NutriVeg Farm
General appreciation
Bought these for securing ground cover as a mulch over our beds - works great, very secure. (Posted on 14-06-23)

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