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Full rotation sprinkler with 2 nozzles

Item # IJ 3006-2-3MGINS
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Full rotation sprinkler with 2 nozzles

Senninger irrigation
Product No. Flow rate Pressure Trajectory
Diameter Spacing Nozzle descriptions
IJ 3006-2-3MGINS3.58 to 4.65
30 to 50
10°62’ to 76’
(18.6 to 24.9 m)
48’ x 48’
(14.6 x 14.6 m)
Spreader #5 Beige (5/64’’)
Off-axis #8 Lavander (1/8’’)

The 3006 model of the Senninger sprinkler is made with high quality parts for a durable product. The spring and bearing are separated from the rest of the sprinkler so not to come into contact with water to protect them and extend their useful life.

The lavender-coloured offset nozzle gives a 10° path angle and a 3.58 to 4.65 GPM flow at an 18.9 to 23.5 m (62 to 77’) diameter. Furthermore, the thread on the sprinkler’s tip is ¾” male or female NPT.  



  • Low path angle to counter wind and evaporation
  • Easy to repair should it break
  • Built with engineering-designed thermoplastic and high quality stainless steel
  • Can have two nozzles at once
  • Perfect for ginseng irrigation

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