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Frost free yard hydrant

Item # II YHSS07-04
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Frost free yard hydrant

Product No. Weight Length
II YHSS07-0419,03 lb81''

This frost proof faucet can be installed anywhere outside and provides water year-round for irrigation and/or other activities. The water source and garden hose base must be 60" (1.5 m) deep under the frost line. When the faucet is shut off, the water in the pipe drains out and this way, the faucet does not freeze.


Technical details

  • Tough Heavy Duty Cast Iron Head with bucket hook has excellent flow characteristics, is tapped with a 3/4" FPT outlet and comes complete with a removable 3/4" GHT brass garden connector
  • Large Heavy Duty Handle has longer hand grip for comfortable operation. It can be held firmly in any position to regulate flow by means of a S.S. thumb bolt and has a locking eye allowing the hydrant to be pad-locked in the closed position.
  • Polished Stainless Steel operating rod reduces wear on the stem packing and provided maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Double O-ring Sealing System provides a positive seal between the hydrant head and operating rod. The O-Rings are easily replaced, a great advantage over yard hydrants that use stem packing which is very difficult to remove and clean out of the head casting.
  • One piece zinc plated pivot connector complete with a square head S.S. set screw allows for easy adjustment of the linkage
  • Double zinc plated draw straps provide excellent corrosion resistance; have smooth operation with very limited play in the linkage.
  • 1" Galvanized ASTM A53 Sch. 40 Stand Pipe (304 S.S. Sch. 40 pipe is available)
  • 3/8" Steel Connecting Rod & Coupling.
  • Bronze and No Lead Bronze Valve Body offer superior flow rates, a self draining bleeder port (tapped 1/8 FPT) prevents riser pipe and valve head from freezing, available in a 3/4" FPT or 1" FPT.
  • One Piece Plunger Buna-N-Rubber Molded over Stainless Steel Insert with triple groove design ensures that there is no chance of the rubber detaching from the Stainless core. The self-lubricating rubber prolongs the life of the plunger.
  • Max Pressure 125 PSI
  • Max Temperature 120°F (48°C)


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