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Fogger Head & Compressor Autofog 220 Volt

Item # IS DRLVH-20A
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Fogger Head & Compressor Autofog 220 Volt

  • Fogger Head & Compressor Autofog 220 Volt
  • Fogger Head & Compressor Autofog 220 Volt in a Greenhouse

The Fogger Head & Compressor Autofog 220 Volt sprays areas up to 30,000 square feet with no applicator present. The ultra-fine cloud of droplets penetrates deep into the plant canopy covering all surfaces, ensuring excellent control of greenhouse pests and diseases.

The Autofog saves time and money by eliminating the labor needed to spray while reducing the amount of chemical needed to control your pests. By creating billions of tiny spray droplets, the Autofog treats large areas with less chemical solution.

Just set the timer, mix the chemical and leave. The Autofog does the rest. The next morning, ventilate the greenhouse, and clean the Autofog fogger and compressor according to the instructions in the user's manual.


  • 230 Voltz, 60 HZ, Single phase
  • Hose & Cord Length: 100 pi Included
  • Treats 30 000 pi2
  • Chemical tank volume :14 liters
  • Chemical output Rates MAX 55CC/MIN


* Note that there are about 4 weeks of delays once your order is placed. We do not hold the product in our warehouses.

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