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Flush Valve x Easy-Loc

Item # IB 31-H6FV-L
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600 Series Pro-Loc Flush Valve

  • 600 Series Pro-Loc Flush Valve
  • 600 Series Pro-Loc Flush Valve

The 600 series flush valve is installed at the end of the line on 18 mm tape (.600" inside diameter x .700" outside diameter) and is attached with a twist lock system for a secure, waterproof connection, even in dirty conditions. This valve purges all of the irrigation system's impurities and drains the water line when the system is turned off, thus avoiding an irregular flow of water.

After installation, it is advised to manually drain each valve by pressing the white button to adequately clean the tape. Afterwards, the process is carried out automatically each time the system is turned off, then turned on.


  • Tight joints
  • Secure nut connection
  • Easy to install
  • Reusable for several seasons

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