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FieldScout Soil Sensor Reader

Item # IE S-6466
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FieldScout Soil Sensor Reader

  • FieldScout Soil Sensor Reader
  • Demonstration of the Sensor Reader

The FieldScout moisture sensor reader is an electronic device showing a soil's moisture level recorded by the portable Waterscout sensor.


  • Spot-check WaterScout SM 100 sensors in the field
  • Also reads Watermark sensors (requires separate adapter)
  • Includes soft-sided case (also available separately)
  • Item 7500 will also fit the WatchDog 1000/2000 Series Data Shuttle (item 3679WD), LightScout Red/Far-Red Meter (item 3412), LightScout Quantum Light Meters (four models) and the LightScout External Light Sensor Reader (item 3415FX)

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