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Fiberglass Stakes

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Fiberglass Stakes

  • Fiberglass Stakes
  • Fiberglass Stakes | FTUFI5164-10
  • Fiberglass Stakes | FTUFI5164
Product No. Length Diameter Qty / Bundle Weight / Bundle
FTUFI5163-203' (0.91 m)5/16' (8 mm)203,76 lb (1,70 kg)
FTUFI51633' (0.91 m)5/16' (8 mm)10018,8 lb (8,53 kg)
FTUFI5164-104' (1.22m)5/16' (8 mm)102,5 lb (1,1kg)
FTUFI51644' (1.22m)5/16' (8 mm)10025 lb (11kg)
FTUFI5166-106' (1.83m)5/16' (8 mm)103,8 lb (1,7kg)
FTUFI51666' (1.83m)5/16' (8 mm)10038 lb (17kg)

The fiberglass stake are a great alternative to bamboo stakes. They represent a more duable option, that will cost less in the long term.

Mainly used in vineyards to support young plants, they are resistant enough to undergo impact from machinery without breaking, offering extra protection to the vine. It can also be used to support young trees or plants.


  • Color: black
  • Resistance to corrosion, rotting and bacteria
  • 1/4 of the weight of steel
  • Lifespan of 20 years and over according to the manufacturer
  • Made in Canada


**WARNING: Handle the stakes with gloves**

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