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Battery Powered Pruning Shear - Felco-820

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Battery Powered Pruning Shear - FELCO-820

  • Battery Powered Pruning Shear - FELCO-820
  • Powerpack high-tech for tools - Battery, Charger, Pruner
  • Charger - FELCO-880/290
  • Battery - 1.2V - FELCO-880/192
Felco Service Autorized
Product No. Pruner Lenght Weight
FELCO-820290mm / 11.4 in980 g / 36.4 oz


Dubois Agrinovation is an authorized service center for selling and servicing FELCO products. 

Power-assisted - Electric tool - Strong and multipurpose model - Made in Switzerland

** The price includes Felco-820 tool, shoulder bag, battery, and charger

  • Strong, rapid, user-friendly, efficient and reliable, this model is suited to heavy pruning work. The FELCO 820 enables easy, clean and accurate cutting of hardwood, of up to 45 mm in diameter, ensuring primarily, a significant productivity increase. 
  • Multipurpose, it is the ideal tool for arboriculture, forestry work, the upkeep of parks and gardens.
  • Controlled and powered by its Powerpack, FELCO 880, the FELCO 820 set is the result of carefully studied ergonomics, providing relief to arm and shoulder muscles, throughout the entire day spent pruning.


Felco 880
High-Tech Powerpack (included)

This electroportable set FELCO 880 ensures significantly easier movement and even weight distribution on shoulders. It includes a light, slim shoulder bag, made from high-tech anti-transpiring material, a Li-Po battery with energy-saving system, control housing with USB port for handling and management of the pruning shear, and a remote housing which enables start/stop, selection of work options and viewing of useful information.

  • Battery capacity: Half a day to one day (Dependent on usage, a second battery is recommended)
  • Battery charging time: two hours


The factory warranty is one (1) year against manufacturing defects. The body is covered by a lifetime warranty, while the motor, electronic board and batteries are covered by a three (3) year warranty. 

There is a complementary extended warranty when services are carried out so you may add one (1) year to the various warranties on the tool, except for cutting head components. The tool must be serviced within twelve (12) months of purchase or after 400,000 cuts. Furthermore, you can have the tool serviced at our facility since Dubois Agrinovation is proud to be an authorized FELCO branch.

Cutting head "1-45 mm"

Curved cutting head, ideal for arboriculture, forestry work, the upkeep of parks and gardens and for some types of viticulture work.


Semi-open blade

The semi-open mode speeds up the cutting of small diameters.


Stand-by Mode The stand-by mode may be activated when moving, ensuring heightened safety.

Non-progressive blade lock

Deactivation of the progressive blade lock mode enables reversion to pneumatic cutting style.

Optimal handling

The perfect diameter of the tool body, the synthetic, non-slip streamline shape and the pivot trigger ensure optimal handling.

Forged aluminum body
Lightweight, strong and sturdy thanks to special aluminum alloys and advanced precision forging methods perfectly mastered by FELCO.


Li-Po Battery

Dependent on requirements, one or two batteries can be used at the same time or sequentially. The ultra-light and slim battery is completely independent from the control housing. 

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FELCO 820 for parks and gardens

FELCO 820 for viticulture works

FELCO 820 for forestry work

FELCO 820 for local authorities

FELCO 820 for arboriculture works

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