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EZ-WIRE Polyamide Wire

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Bayco Polyamide Wire

  • Bayco Polyamide Wire
  • White Polyester Wire
Product No. Description Length Diameter Gauge Coil Weight
FILPOLY-2,2SBLWhite Polyester Wire853 m
2 800'
2,5 mm
12,511 kg
25 lb
FILPOLY-2,5SBlack Polymiade Wire1 945 m
6 383'
2,5 mm
12,510,89 kg
24 lb
FILPOLY-3SBlack Polymiade Wire1 351 m
4 432'
3 mm
1110,89 kg
24 lb
FILPOLY-4SBlack Polyamide Wire760 m
2 493'
4 mm
810,89 kg
24 lb
FILPOLY-4SBLWhite Polyamide Wire705 m
2 312'
4 mm
811,4 kg
25,1 lb

EZ-WIRE Poly Wire is a black high-tensile polyamide (PA6) monofilament with low elongation, compact cross section and high breaking strength.  The EZ-WIRE monofilament is ideal for orchards, vineyards, shade covers, netting, and fencing.  


  • High-tensile polyamide (PA6) monofilament with low elongation
  • Breaking elongation: approx. 20% to 24%
  • Support long-term temperatures:  from - 57º C to + 50º C
  • UV and Chemical Resistant
  • Lightweight and safe
  • Maintenance and corrosion free
  • Non conductive, high insulation
  • Easy installation, no springs, tensioners or rachets required to maintain tension
  • Other applications: support hail protection, greenhouses, horse fencing, etc.



  • FILPOLY-2,2SBL - Ideal to hold strawberry plants on each side (off ground production in greenhouse)
  • FILPOLY-2,5S, FILPOLY-3S - Lift wire for vines or other plants, ideal to attach on it irrigation tubes, etc.
  • FILPOLY-4S - Bearing wire for vines and bird net on structure (instead of steel wire)
  • FILPOLY-4SBL - White polyamide wire for horse fence


The EZ-WIRE Polyamide wire can be attached to the first anchor post by a Gripple tensioner.  The line should then be rolled out towards the opposite end of the vineyard row.  Attach a ire puller to the line, stretch 3-5% of row length, secure and tie to end post, then release wire puller from line.  Bayco Line will now be properly tensioned. Bayco Polyamide wire can be fastened to intermediate posts with staples or other means incorporating plastic grommets. No additional equipment is required.

EZ-WIRE Monofilament Polyamide is ideal for trellising

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Excellent Review by Muddy Hands Winery
General appreciation
Time saving, and extremely useful. You can pull the entire catch wire out and pull in the entire row to the catch wire. Mildly pricey, but extremely effective. (Posted on 16-07-07)

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