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Tsar Kit for Vineyard

Opened and Closed Tsar on metal post

  • Tsar Kit for Metal Post - FIEQ-SUP506-042
  • Opened and Closed Tsar on metal post
  • Closed Tsar Kit with vineyard staple on vine
  • Opened Tsar with attachment on vine
Product No. Dimension Application
FSUP5060423 1/4" x 9 1/2" x 1 1/2"
Attachment 1"
Metal Post

Tsar Kit with attachment, screw and bolt for Metal Post

The Tsar with staple is a universal tool for all types of wine growing stakes. At the beginning of the season, this galvanized steel accessory is used as a spacer for lift wires. The Tsar thus keeps wires from widening excessively by joining them together. Once this operation is done, vines have all the space they need to grow. Once maturity is achieved, the Tsar must be close to keep branches from touching the ground or breaking while trying not to crush grapes.


Tsar Kit with attachment, screw and bolt Installation on Metal Post

  1. Open Tsar to set lift wires apart
  2. Close Tsar to finish the lifting operation


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