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Caprari PTO irrigation pump kit

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Item # IKMPO D2/50-Config

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Caprari PTO irrigation pump kit

Caprari Pump
Product No. Gallons
(U.S. GPM)
Suction Discharge Pressure
HP required
RPM To operate...
IKMPO D2/502753’’2’’50/12117/27240Sprinklers
IKMPO D2/654504’’4’’60/10718/36540Sprinklers
IKMPO D3/655004’’4’’90/16028/55540Guns
IKMPO D2/807005’’4’’60/12058/60540Sprinklers
IKMPO DMR 80-3/28005’’4’’100/19050/90540 ou 1000Guns
IKMPO D3/10112006’’4’’100/16060/125540 or 1000Sprinklers and guns

Caprari PTO irrigation pump kits include

  • A Bauer suction adapter kit; 
  • A Bauer aluminium complete suction kit; 
  • A suction basket kit with foot valve – optional; 
  • A flow adapter kit; A water hose kit.


These kits simplify the purchase process since they include all required items to run the Caprari PTO pump of your choice.

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