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Anchor Tool Kit

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Fenox Anchor Tool Kit

  • Fenox Anchor Tool Kit
  • Fenox Anchor Tool Kit using
Product No. Description For stakes
FANCRFENOUTIL2contains: 1 Plate + 1 Drive Tool + 1 Spike Tool2'
FANCRFENOUTIL3contains: 1 Plate + 1 Drive Tool + 1 Spike Tool3'

The Fenox anchoring tool kit makes the installation of your anchoring stakes easier in hard, rocky grounds. It includes a metal mounting plate, an insertion tool, and an anchoring tool. It comes in two sizes, i.e. 2' and 3' stakes.


Lay the metal plate at the planned spot on the ground. Install the wire's anchor hook on the anchoring stake. Insert the stake in the mounting plate and drive it into the ground with the insertion tool and a large head hammer until the stake's head is at ground level. Remove the insertion tool, then use the anchoring tool to adequately anchor the stake into the ground. Remove the metal plate. Repeat for all anchors. See the "tips" tab for more information.


  • Easy anchor installation
  • Up to 5 times faster than traditional methods
  • Perfect for hard, rocky grounds
  • Hot galvanized parts for increased durability

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