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ECA Solution

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ECA Solution

The ECA solution, treats water and significantly reduces micro-organisms in irrigated water without the addition of chemicals. This solution is generated through freshwater electrolysis by adding a small amount of salt (table salt). Electrochemically activated water creates a powerful oxidizing agent and a free chlorine solution that inactivates the irrigation system microorganisms.


  • ECA solution generated on-site 
  • Safe, easily accessible crude material  
  • No costly transportation or specialized storage facilities, unlike hazardous chemical solutions 
  • ECA solutions are highly concentrated, enabling the use of more compact machinery 
  • Short activation period (0,3-10 seconds) 
  • Low energy use, i.e. 50 watts per litre of ECA solution generated 
  • Simplified water treatment and purification procedure 
  • The eco-friendly oxidative activity is reversed when the solution is mixed with water 
  • Proven solution through research and local tests 
  • Adding the ECA solution to the irrigation water provides for healthier plants



  • Prevention of biofilms* in irrigation systems such as pipes, drip irrigation lines, filters and drippers 
  • Bacteria and fungal disease control/prevention 
  • Prevention of diseases to plants and their roots
  • Water quality improvement in water recovery systems 
  • After-harvest treatment for cut flowers (to increase their useful life) 
  • Storage facility cleaning 
  • Fruit and vegetable cleaning/soaking 
  • Biological crop control agent−an alternative to chemicals 
  • Can be used at various concentrations to wash growing areas 
  • Root growth stimulation 
  • Recirculation of irrigated water, thus reusing nutrients 
  • Easily compatible with existing irrigation systems 
  • Higher profits 

*Micro-organisms living in water consisting of fungi, alguae and bacteria that accumulate and speed up pipe deterioration through corrosion

Lines of business 

  • Tomatoes 
  • Cucumbers 
  • Bell peppers 
  • Potted plants 
  • Floriculture 
  • Nurseries


Production of a disinfectant solution by combining and redirecting a small amount of saline solution in an anode (positive electrode) and a cathode (negative electrode).

  1. Users add table salt (NaCl or KCl) into the system.
  2. Since an electric current goes through the saline solution, electrolysis happens in the chambers of the machine’s cathode and anode.
  3. Water is then transformed and the activated saline solution is added to the irrigated water.


Treated water significantly reduces the spread of micro-organisms, making water clean with no viruses or bacteria. The health of animals and plants is greatly improved. The short-lived free radicals thus created are extremely reactive − micro-organisms, proteins and other chemical compounds are immediately oxidized and disturbed.


How does this happen?

  1. Unlike multicellular organisms, unicellular organisms (such as bacteria) get their energy sources from the environment immediately outside their cell. Small molecules are carried through the cell membrane (the wall that separates their content from the outside world) based on an electrochemical gradient. Therefore, any changes in the cell’s immediate outside environment have drastic consequences. By adding the ECA saline oxidizing solution, even if the cell itself is not directly destroyed, all of the membrane’s enzymatic functions are affected, which may make the cell no longer viable.
  2. In addition, a bacterium’s cell membrane has an electric charge. The addition of anions (negative ions) can break the cell membrane and destroy the cell instantly.
  3. The ECA solution's great oxidation is also damaging the walls of bacteria ‒ water can then get inside. Since the microbe's cell membrane is not very expandable, the cell explodes.

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