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Dripper E1000 Port Multi

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Dripper E1000 Port Multi

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  • Dripper E1000 Port Multi
  • Dripper .58 gph | IS JD201013383
  • Dripper 1.06 gph | IS JD201013385
  • Dripper 2.11 gph | IS JD201013386
  • Dripper 2.11 gph on drip tape | IS JD201013386
  • Dripper .58 gph in micro-tubing | IS JD201013383
Rivulis Eurodrip
Product No. Flow Rate (gph)
IS JD2010133830.58 gph
IS JD2010133851.06 gph
IS JD2010133862.11 gph

The Rivulus E1000 Dripper is a non-regulated dripper with several key features that allow you to create the right irrigation system in your operations.


Features and benefits

  • Inexpensive
  • Can open the dripper for cleaning
  • Can install micro tubing or a 2- or 4-way outlet
  • Does not contain a silicone check valve inside *Attention must be given to pressure, which must be minimal at the start and end of the system, for consistency purposes (Please consult an irrigation representative who can help you calculate the hoses’ dimensions to identify the pressure)



  • Use 2 mm punch tool



  • Orchards and potted plants in nurseries and home gardens

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