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Drip Tape x Insert Barb - Shut Off Valve

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5/8" Tape x 250 Barb (.250"ID hose)

  • 5/8" Tape x 250 Barb (.250"ID hose)
  • 5/8" Tape x 420 Barb (.375"ID hose) with locking nut
Product No. Description Use with the hose...
IB 31-TV5B2505/8" Tape x 250 Barb (.250"ID hose)1/2'' 3/4'' 1'' 1 1/4''
IB 31-TV5B420 5/8" Tape x 420 Barb with locking nut2'' 3'' 4''
Shut Off Valve with twist lock drip tape and insert barb for punch on polyethylene pipe

Customer Reviews

mostly great Review by Caro
General appreciation
I've installed many of these and it seems that a small proportion (maybe 1%) allow some flow even when they appear to be fully closed. Not too much, though, so I'm not too worried.
Compared to similar components at my local providers, these are great quality and value. (Posted on 18-08-05)
Very good valve Review by André
General appreciation
Been using these for two years now. Excellent.
(Posted on 17-07-01)
Excellent for low-pressure drip tape Review by Farmer Marsh
General appreciation
good choice for managing irrigation using drip tapes and polypipe submains. Not designed well for hooking into more rigid polypipes. (Posted on 17-06-22)
Good quality Review by Farmer Jer
General appreciation
These valves work great to control which rows get water. The quality appears to be very good and durable. Delivery was quick and the folks at Dubois were very helpful with all of my irrigation questions. Thanks. (Posted on 17-06-01)
works perfectly Review by lugger
General appreciation
these are easy to use and work perfectly (Posted on 17-05-12)
Great product Review by Farmer Greg
General appreciation
This little valve allows me to water only the beds that are planted. Saves some water and weeding. Easy to install. (Posted on 16-05-27)
very good Review by carrot guy
General appreciation
very good quality adapters with valves easy to use and durable (Posted on 14-06-19)

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