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Drip Tape - Coupling

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5/8" Drip Tape Coupling

  • 5/8" Drip Tape Coupling
  • 5/8" Drip Tape Yellow Coupling
Product No. Description Color
IB 31-TC5005/8" Drip Tape CouplingBlue
IB 31-TC500J5/8" Drip Tape CouplingYellow
IB 31-TC7007/8" Drip Tape CouplingBlue

Twist Lock for Drip tape Coupling

Customer Reviews

Fast shipping. Simple and economical product Review by GARDEN GIRL
General appreciation
The Dubois irrigation system saved countless hours compared to last Summer when I hand-watered my garden. Also, this year's garden is of much better quality. Thank-You Dubois for your fast, excellent service! Would buy this product again and recommend to a friend. (Posted on 18-07-22)
Good quality, reasonable price, useful product Review by sydX
General appreciation
I didn't know these were available. They save a lot of time when a leak or plugged emitter needs repair. This Also helps to salvage some drip line for the next season. We've used the valves and end caps for more than 3 years and these unions appear to be from the same manufacturer. (Posted on 16-08-14)
very good Review by carrot guy
General appreciation
very handy to keep on hand in case of a punctured drip line, which unfortunately happens in our greenhouse sometimes! (Posted on 14-06-19)

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