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BlueLine® PC

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Drip In PC irrigation pipe

Toro Irrigation
Product No. Diameter Emitter
Flow Rate (GPH)
Min 15 PSI
GODI BP62053-120.620" (18mm)12"0.53 gph1000'
GODI BP62053-180.620" (18mm)18"0.53 gph1000'
GODI BP62053-240.620" (18mm)24"0.53 gph1000'
GODI BP62053-300.620" (18mm)30"0.53 gph1000'
GODI BP62053-360.620" (18mm)36"0.53 gph1000'
GODI BP62026-180.710" (20mm)18"0.26 gph1000'

Pressure Compensating BlueLine® Irrigation Pipe

A technologically superior and cost effective way to irrigate

  • Difficult topographical conditions
  • Low and varying water pressures
  • Installations requiring longer lateral runs


  • Constant discharge over a pressure range of 10 - 60 psi
  • Dual - opposed outlets
  • Raised filter inlets

BlueLine® PC retains the fields proven BlueLine® Classic features:

  • High strength and durability
  • Discharge uniformity
  • High resistance to plugging
  • Chemical resistance
  • Versatility - Five flow rates available in three hose sizes:
    0.550" (16mm)
    0.620" (18mm)
    0.710" (20mm)

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