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DRAMM Water Handles

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Watering Handles

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  • Watering Handles
  • Water Handle 24'' with 30 degree angle
  • Water Handle 36'' with 90 degree angle
  • Water Handle 36'' with 30 degree angle
  • Water Handle 48'' with 30 degree angle
Product No. Length Angle
IS DR124-GC24''30 degrees
IS DR136-GC36''30 degrees
IS DR136-GBC36''90 degrees
IS DR148-GC48''30 degrees

The DRAMM aluminum Water Handles are designed to eliminate the stretching and stooping associated with hand watering. Available with a 30 degree angle (24, 36 and 48-inch) or with a 90 degree angle (36-inc), these rugged tools allow you to water hard-to-reach areas with ease. 

They can be used with the DRAMM Trigger Valve or a Ball Valve 3/4'' to control the water flow.

Use on standard 3/4" GHT water hose.

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