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DRAMM Water Breakers

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Water Breakers

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  • IS DR170AL
  • IS DR170PL
  • IS DR480AL
  • IS DR480PL
  • IS DR750PL
  • IS DR1000PL
  • IS DR1000PL-N
  • IS DR1000PL-W
  • IS DR400AL
  • IS DR400PL
  • IS DR350PL
Product No. Colour Material Number of micro-holes Maximum Flow
(gallons per minute)
IS DRPLFANBluePlasticn/a5
IS DR170ALAluminumAluminum1707
IS DR170PLBlue or BlackPlastic1707
IS DR480ALAluminumAluminum4807
IS DR480PLRedPlastic4807
IS DR750PLYellowPlastic7508
IS DR1000PLRedPlastic1,0008
IS DR1000PL-NGreenPlastic1,0008
IS DR1000PL-WOrangePlastic1,0008
IS DR400ALAluminumAluminum40011
IS DR400PLBluePlastic40011
IS DR350PLBluePlastic35018

Find the watering solution that fits your needs among this selection of DRAMM water heads. Each of them is built to last and offers a large number of mico-holes to help you water your plants without damaging them.

Female 3/4'' GHT thread

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Aluminum Water Breaker 400 micro-holes


Blue Water Breaker 400 micro-holes


Yellow Water Breaker 750 micro-holes


Red Water Breaker 1000 micro-holes


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