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DRAMM Water Breakers

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Water Breakers

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  • IS DR170AL
  • IS DR170PL
  • IS DR480PL
  • IS DR750PL
  • IS DR1000PL
  • IS DR1000PL-N
  • IS DR1000PL-W
  • IS DR400AL
  • IS DR400PL
  • IS DR350PL
  • IS DR540
Product No. Colour Material Number of micro-holes Maximum Flow
(gallons per minute)
IS DRPLFANBluePlasticn/a5
IS DR170ALAluminumAluminum1707
IS DR170PLBlue or BlackPlastic1707
IS DR480ALAluminumAluminum4807
IS DR480PLRedPlastic4807
IS DR750PLYellowPlastic7508
IS DR1000PLRedPlastic1,0008
IS DR1000PL-NGreenPlastic1,0008
IS DR1000PL-WOrangePlastic1,0008
IS DR400ALAluminumAluminum40011
IS DR400PLBluePlastic40011
IS DR350PLBluePlastic35018
IS DR54018-20 GPM40 PSI10.24 oz.
290.30 gr.

Find the watering solution that fits your needs among this selection of DRAMM water heads. Each of them is built to last and offers a large number of mico-holes to help you water your plants without damaging them.

Female 3/4'' GHT thread

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Aluminum Water Breaker 400 micro-holes


Blue Water Breaker 400 micro-holes


Yellow Water Breaker 750 micro-holes


Red Water Breaker 1000 micro-holes


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