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  • IS DR510
  • IS DR610SF
  • IS DR610L
  • IS DR610F
  • IS DR610H
  • IS DR540
Product No. Flow Rate Pressure Weight
IS DR5100.5 GPM40 PSI2.56 oz.
72.57 gr.
IS DR610SF0.5 GPM40 PSI3.84 oz.
108.86 gr.
IS DR610F1 GPM40 PSI4.2 oz.
119.07 gr.
IS DR610L2 GPM40 PSI4.2 oz.
119.07 gr.
IS DR610H4 GPM40 PSI4.2 oz.
119.07 gr.
IS DR54018-20 GPM40 PSI10.24 oz.
290.30 gr.

The DRAMM Fogg-It Nozzle is designed for misting delicate seedlings or for raising humidity around wilting plants. This nozzle has three mist jets which create a conical spray pattern.

Female 3/4'' GHT thread.

Available in many sizes: 0.5 GPM (Gallon per minute), 1 GPM, 2 GPM, 4 GPM or 18-20 GPM

The Fogg-it nozzles can be connected to DRAMM Water Handles 

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Fogg-It Nozzle Fine | 1 GPM

Fogg-It Nozzle Fine | 2 GPM

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