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Doda Engine Powered Liquid Manure Pump

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Doda Engine Powered Liquid Manure Pump

Caprari Pump
Product No. Average Gallons
(U.S. GPM)
Average Pressure
IPO CDAFI-L35SAE700/1000130/160

For waste applications, we offer its liquid manure pump. With its rigid construction, our liquid manure pump is ideal for pumping animal waste, municipal waste and liquid by-product produced from areas such as dairy and vegetable processing plants.

Standard features include:

  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction
  • Dry-run pump seal
  • Static cutter knives to chop any solids
  • Quick connect suction fittings
  • Oversized supports and bearings
  • Check valve in the suction cone to prevent loss of prime during temporary shut-down periods
  • Glycerin-filled gauge protector to prevent pressure gauge from damage caused by manure

Standard Accessories For SAE Pumps:

  • 4" Discharge Nipple to Flanged
  • Gauge & Gauge Protector
  • 4" Gate Valve
  • Custom Trimmed Impeller
  • Custom Trimmed Backing Plate
  • Stationary Cutter Knives
  • Tugsteon X Tugsteon Seal
  • Quick Connect Suction
  • Suction Fittings (4", 5" or 6" Ball & Shank)

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