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Dan Fogger

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Dan Fogger

Naan Dan Jain Irrigation
Product No. Description Color Flow
IS 11192003Dan FoggerBlue1.8 gph
IS 11192005Dan FoggerOrange3.6 gph
IS 11192007Dan FoggerRed5.4 gph


The Dan Fogger is the ideal solution for greenhouse growers. Uniform distribution ensures faster plant rooting while reducing water and fertilizer costs. For humidification and cooling, the Dan Fogger is the most efficient method for controlling greenhouse conditions.

1/3 the Price of High Pressure Systems

  • The Dan Fog System permits quick and simple installation with ordinary tools.

  • Dan Foggers are engineered to operate at standard line pressures and, in most cases, do not require a booster pump.

Lower Maintenance

  • Most high pressure fog systems require intensive filtration, and with that comes intensive filtration maintenance. A simple 140 mesh disk filter is sufficient for the Dan Fog System.

  • Dan Fogger nozzles typically last for many years without requiring replacement.

Design Flexibility

  • Designed for complete versatility, the Dan Fogger allows growers to set up the best system configuration to fit individual greenhouse requirements.

  • Mount upright or inverted

    Use a leak prevention device when Fogger is mounted inverted. This will prevent the Fogger from dripping on the plants below when the system is turned off. It also ensures that all the Foggers start and stop simultaneously.

  • Dan Foggers readily adapt to most existing systems because fittings are available for PVC, polyethylene and aluminum pipes.

Technical Specifications

System Pressure : Minimum 30 psi - Maximum 60 psi

Filtration Recommendations : Filter with 120 to 140 mesh 

Diameter : 3 to 4 feet at 18"-30" above the plants.

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