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Dan Antimist Micro-Sprinkler

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Dan Dripless Micro-Sprinkler

Product No. Description Nozzle and Antimist Color Flow
IS 11281162Dripless Micro-SprinklerGreen Nozzle, Green Antimist10.9 gph
IS 11281165Dripless Micro-SprinklerOrange Nozzle, Orange Antimist19.0 gph
IS 11281168Dripless Micro-SprinklerBlack Nozzle, Yellow Antimist24.4 gph
IS 11281163Dripless Micro-SprinklerBlue Nozzle, Blue Antimist32.6 gph
  • Bridgeless design - no dripping
  • Flat trajectory
  • Highly uniform distribution
  • Fits all Dan parts and accessories
  • Same outflow as conventional Dan sprinklers
  • High UV and chemical resistance

*** The minimum recommended pressure is 30 PSI ***

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