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Cornell Engine Powered Irrigation Pump

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Item # IPO 4HHEM

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Cornell Engine Powered Irrigation Pump

Cornell Pump
Product No. Average Gallons
(U.S. GPM)
SAE Housing Average Pressure
Suction Discharge
IPO 4HHEM400/12501-2-3-465/1856" FLANGED4" FLANGED
IPO 5HHEM750/25001-2-3-475/1508" FLANGED5" FLANGED
IPO 6HHEM1000/30001-2-3-475/1508" FLANGED6" FLANGED

Cornell’s irrigation pumps are constructed in standard cast iron, bronze fitted. Standard features include fully machined impellers, heavy-duty shafts with replaceable shaft sleeves, and peripheral wear rings. Ideal for big irrigation jobs. Popular models available: 4HH, 5HH and 6HH


  • External balance line
  • Impeller enclosed silicon bronze
  • Mechanical Seal or Traditional Packing
  • Thick walled castings
  • Heavy duty shafts
  • 20,000 hours bearings
  • High efficiency pump

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