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Walchem W400 series Controller

Item # IE WPHPW100PA-E
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Walchem W400 Series Controller

The WPH410/420 and WDP410/420/440 Series pH/ORP on-line process controllers are designed for a broad range of industrial, commercial, and municipal water treatment applications. WPH controllers are easily configured to accurately measure pH or mV (ORP) values from Walchem’s WEL and WDS differential combination electrodes, or any conventional combination electrode.

A versatile output configuration allows you to program up to four outputs in a variety of control modes. Select from on/off mechanical relays or pulse proportional control for direct connection to metering pumps. The easy-to-use menu format and pre-wired, pre-mounted panel system options make set-up and installation quick and simple.

Integrated datalogging is available to validate system performance. A USB memory stick is all that’s needed to extract data and event logs that include electrode measurements, temperature and relay status. Download log files from the USB stick to a PC at your convenience. It couldn’t be easier!



Versatility for a Broad Range of Applications

  • Select from pH or ORP measurements and from five output options. Use In-Range to control a solenoid valve to dump a batch treatment tank when measurement value is within limits, or program for Out-of-Range Alarm in waste treatment applications when the measurement value is too high or low.


Ideal for Harsh Environments

  • The NEMA 4X enclosure, combined with Walchem’s WEL and WDS electrodes, provides a waterproof system with no BNC connectors exposed to wet or corrosive environments.


Built-in Safety Features

  • Programmable output limit timers prevent run-away chemical addition. Digital Interlock Input may be used from a flow switch or level input to prevent chemical addition based on a stagnant sample, or control of an empty batch tank.


Simple, Integrated Data Collection

  • Download stored data from the controller to a USB stick with the press of a button. Use the data to simply and easily validate system performance, document compliance, and reduce liability. The data and event logs show pH/ORP and temperature values, as well as accumulated chemical feed and relay activation times.


Dual Input Reduces Cost

  • Dual pH or ORP electrode inputs allow one controller to take the place of two, reducing cost and space requirements, and simplifying installation.

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