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Product No. Diameter Quantity per box Lifetime
24 inch
86 discs Minimum of 2 years

COCODISC ®  (86/box) prevent weed growth (including liverwort) in containers. They eliminate hand weeding and herbicides. Those discs are ideal for nurseries and garden centers. The Coco Discs also work well in the field to reduce weed competition for newly planted trees.



  • 100% natural latex as binding material 
  • All natural - no chemicals



  • Air can penetrate, allowing the roots to breathe 
  • Do not attract or trap heat like plastic discs 
  • Biodegradable 
  • Water and fertilizer easily penetrate the discs 
  • Significantly less watering since evaporation is reduced 
  • Attractive and clean looking 
  • Thick and heavy enough to stay in place in the pot 
  • Latex on both sides for durability

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