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Clips for Bird Control Netting

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Clips for Bird Netting

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  • Clips for Bird Netting
  • Purple clip for bird netting
  • Purple clip for bird netting with two nets
  • "S" clip for bird netting
  • "S" clip fix the net to the wire
  • Double Tie for Sidewall net
  • Double Tie for Sidewall net
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The purple clip for bird control netting allows to attach quickly and solidly several nets together.



The upper part of the ''S'' clip is to fix the net to the wire and the bottom is to attach 2 nets together


Double Tie for Sidewall net against birds

Customer Reviews

they do the job Review by mathonius
General appreciation
they do the job (Posted on 16-07-29)
easier than C clips Review by james
General appreciation
We have used C clips for the blue bird netting with guide wires, but for the black squares netting (in stead of diamond pattern) the C clips are too hard on the netting. These have a wider pattern and don't cut the netting (Posted on 15-07-13)

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