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ClickTif HD Barbed Dripper

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ClickTif HD Barbed Drippers 1 GPH

  • ClickTif HD Barbed Drippers 1 GPH
  • ClickTif HD Barbed Drippers 0.5 GPH
Naan Dan Jain Irrigation
Product No. Colour Flow
IS 12503560Black1 GPH
IS 12503255Brown0.5 GPH

The self-regulating, chemical resistant, anti-drainback and self-cleaning 2 & 4 litres PC and CNL barbed drippers are perfect for the irrigation of greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, garden plots and landscape applications. They are used with black or white micro tubing inserted directly onto the dripper, as well as plum, simple grey, and double grey spray stakes.


  • Two models are available: PC and PC CNL (anti-drainage) 
  • Standard 5 mm extension for connection of extension tube
  • Filtration Recommendation: 130 micron / 120 mesh 
  • Very low CV : less than 4% (excellent distribution) 
  • Wide and precise regulating range from 7.11 to 56.88 psi 
  • Required punch size 2.5 mm (code – ITC) 
  • Pulse irrigation and irrigation in soilless conditions 
  • Recommended working pressure 1.0 Bar to 4.0 Bar 


Features and Benefits

  • Prevents low head drainage (CNL): opening pressure: 0,785 Bar;  closing pressure: 0,294 Bar 
  • Protection against woodpeckers and animals 
  • Precise irrigation in soilless culture growing conditions and pulse irrigation 
  • Can be used for subsurface installation 
  • For areas with harsh topographical conditions 
  • Prevents surplus drainage in low places (CNL model) 
  • Elements minimize clogging:  protected cross-shaped water inlet; flushing mechanism of regulating diaphragm; strong turbulent flow in labyrinth enables continual cleaning and flushing; large water passages

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