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Caterpillar Tunnel Kit

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Item # TC14X104-Config

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Caterpillar tunnel

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Product No. Dimension
(L x W x H)
Material Weight
TC14X5048' x 14' x 8'6 mil Clear Polyethylene425 lb / 192.78 kg
TC14X6464' x 14' x 8'6 mil Clear PolyethyleneN / D
TC14X8888' x 14' x 8'6 mil Clear Polyethylene850 lb / 385.56 kg
TC14X104104' x 14' x 8'6 mil Clear Polyethylene650 lb / 294.84 kg
TC14X152152 x 14' x 8'6 mil Clear Polyethylene850 lb / 385.56 kg
TC14X304304' x 14' x 8'6 mil Clear Polyethylene1600 lb / 725.76 kg
TC14X328328' x 14' x 8'6 mil Clear Polyethylene1800 lb / 816.47 kg

Caterpillar Tunnel Kit

The caterpillar tunnel promotes early crop production in the spring and provides frost protection in the fall. Its polyethylene plastic cover provides great resistance to adverse weather conditions such as wind, hail, and heavy rain. Compared to other types of shelter, e.g. high tunnels, the caterpillar tunnel operating costs are very cost-effective.

You MUST NOT keep the plastics installed during winter season.

Custom sizes available, please contact our sales representative.


The caterpillar tunnel is made in Canada. It is offered with a height of 8' (at the centre of the dome), a width of 14' and a standard length of 104' or 304'. It is covered with 6 mil single polyethylene plastic. The tunnel is equipped with loosening hooks that make it possible, when needed, to manually lift the canvas to control temperature. Each end must be closed to ensure great strength and strong wind resistance. Stiffeners are also installed at each end on both sides of the tunnel to arches strengthen the structure. The can be installed every 8', 6' or 4' depending on exposure to wind. The caterpillar tunnel comes with a complete installation guide.


The structure is not designed to support additional weight such as snow; it is therefore important to remove snow from the structure. It is strongly suggested to install a spray or drip irrigation system inside the tunnel, since plants located in the middle of the caterpillar tunnel are totally sheltered from the rain. There is no door – you go inside the tunnel through the sides. When needed, this tunnel can be taken down and set up elsewhere, thus making crop rotation easier. Since they don't have polyethylene, arches can stay up for the winter, but it is advised to store ropes where they are safe from bad weather to ensure the best useful life.

Benefits of the caterpillar greenhouse

  • Less expensive than a high tunnel
  • Protects early crops in the spring
  • Provides better yield
  • Reduces rain-induced diseases
  • Protects against bad weather
  • Sides can be lifted to get desired temperature
  • Easy to move


Parts that are included in the kit 

for a 14' wide & 104' long Caterpillar Tunnel

  • 14 caterpillar tunnel arches / 1 1/4’’ x 24’’3’ 16G tube
  • 28 HDPF plates / 1/4'’ x 6’’ x 6’’
  • 28 black steel rods (frame) / 1/2’’ x 29 3/4’’
  • 2 screwed anchors / 1/2'’ x 24’’
  • 26 screwed anchors / 1/2’’ x 16’’
  • 1 polyester rope roll 1/4’’ x 900’ / UV treated for a prolonged life span*
  • 1 polyethylene roll, Tufflite 4 /  28’ x 126’ / 6 mil regular
  • 10 retention hooks
  • 10  adjustable 1/2’’ collars
  • 4 corner stiffeners / 1’’ x 216’’ / 18G tube / with caps + hardware
  • 8 corner stiffener supports
  • 4 HD supports for top ends of the corner stiffeners 

*Lifespan will depend on weather conditions and use of the product.

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