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Bulb Planter Gardening Tool

Item # OUTBP-P2400
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Bulb Planter Gardening Tool

Product No. Tool Length Planting Diameter Weight
OUTBP-P240038" / 97 cm2 1/4" / 6 cm2.6 lb / 1.2 kg

This tool helps plant various bulbs with speed and efficiency. Its ergonomic height prevents back injuries that could be caused through repetitive flexion. With its solid, durable steel head, the planter digs holes 2 ¼" in diameter and up to 11 ½" deep.

** Can also be used to remove weeds


Grab the handle with both hands. After figuring out the bulb's location, put pressure on the planter's head with the foot until desired depth is reached. Slightly rotate to ease soil removal. Remove the tool and put in the bulb. By repeating this, the excess soil will fall on the side. Use this soil to cover the preceding bulb.

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