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Brass Check Valve

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Brass Check Valve | 1 1/2''

  • Brass Check Valve | 1 1/2''
  • Brass Check Valve | 2''
  • Brass Check Valve | 3''
Product No. Diameter Weight
IV 17YBCV1001"0.75 lbs
IV 17YBCV1501-1/2"1.50 lbs
IV 17YBCV2002"2.75 lbs
IV 17CV3003''6.34 lb
IV 17CV4004''12.68 lb

The brass check valve prevents wastewater backflow in the water supply following an interruption. Being made of brass increases its resistance, thus its useful life. It may be installed horizontally or vertically. 

Temperature Maximun 180°F (80°C)

Pressure Maximun 200 PSI

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