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Bottom Drip Attachment

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Item # PI RF25-118A-Config

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Simple Bottom Drip Attachment

  • Simple Bottom Drip Attachment
  • Double Bottom Drip Attachment
Product No. Name
PI RF25-118ASimple Bottom Drip Attachment
PI RF25-118DDouble Bottom Drip Attachment

This option tool guides the drip irrigation system when making a raised bed and laying mulch. The single mount creates a single drip irrigation line for the same raised bed, while the double mount creates two. It is best to use the dual configuration for wider raised beds.



  • Designed for Rain-Flo 2550/2600 raised bed layer models.


Tape placement

  • Adjust pipe about 1'' to 2'' below the plastic mulch with drip emitters turned up toward the plastic.
  • Based on the raised bed’s width, the line(s) must be adjusted laterally to cover the raised bed evenly.

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