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Black Mulch Fleeces Agryl P-50

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Black Mulch Fleeces Agryl P-50 with lettuces

  • Black Mulch Fleeces Agryl P-50 with lettuces
  • Black Mulch Fleeces Agryl P-50 between rows
  • Black Mulch Fleeces Agryl P-50
  • Black Mulch Fleeces Agryl P-50 with trees
Agryl Row Covers
Product No. Width Length Weight per roll
AGRYNOP501X2501 m
3,2 '
250 m
820 '
32 lb
14.50 kg
AGRYNOP501,2X2501.2 m
3,9 '
250 m
820 '
39 lb
17.69 kg
AGRYNOP501,2X5001.2 m
3,9 '
500 m
1640 '
83 lb
37.65 kg
AGRYNOP501,6X2501,6 m
5,24 '
250 m
820 '
51 lb
23.13 kg
AGRYNOP507,5X5007,5 m
24.6 '
500 m
1640 '
45 lb
20.41 kg

The black mulch fleece improves crop production by preventing weed growth, while warming the soil, which is favorable for microorganisms useful for the good development of plants.

It is sufficiently permeable to allow the exchange of water necessary for plant growth, but sufficiently opaque to prevent the growth of weeds.

The black mulch fleece has been developed to minimize light transmission and to be fairly resistant to weeds. Unlike Polyethylene mulching films, they remain very permeable to air and water, thus maintaining a healthy soil structure, avoiding puddling and, if necessary, allowing fertilizer input. Very stable over time, the mulch fleece can be left on fields for about three seasons, reducing handling.

This black mulch allows more water to pass than regular ground cover.Gardeners also use it between rows of crops.


  • U.V. Resistant
  • Water Permeability ≈110 mm
  • Light Transmission ≈ 4 to 5%
  • Color : Black
  • Minimum lifespan: 3 seasons

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