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Berkeley Engine Powered Irrigation Pump

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Item # IPO B1-1/2EQL

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Berkeley Engine Powered Irrigation Pump

Berkeley Pump
Product No. Average Gallons
(U.S. GPM)
SAE Housing Average Pressure
Suction Discharge
IPO B1-1/2EQL60/120565/1702" FPT1 1/2" FPT
IPO B2ZQM100/250540/1202 1/2" FPT2" FPT
IPO B2EQHH150/3004-555/1653" FPT2" FPT
IPO B2-1/2ZQM100/4004-540/803" FPT2 1/2" FPT
IPO B2-1/2JQBL250/6003-4-570/1954" FPT2 1/2" FPT
IPO B2-1/2JQBLS250/6004-570/1954" FPT2 1/2" FPT
IPO B2-1/2JQBM300/6002-3-4-570/2154" FPT2 1/2" FPT
IPO B2-1/2JQBMS300/600370/2154" FPT2 1/2" FPT
IPO B3EQBL300/5003-4-550/1804" FPT3" FPT
IPO B3JQBM400/9001-2-3-4-565/2354" FPT3" FPT
IPO B3JQBMS400/9003-465/2354" FPT3" FPT
IPO B4EQM400/8003-4-555/1605" FLANGED4" FLANGED
IPO B4JQBH400/11002-3-4-555/1505" FLANGED4" FLANGED
IPO B4JQBHS400/11002-355/1505" FLANGED4" FLANGED
IPO B4GQBH500/13001-2-3-455/1256" FLANGED4" FLANGED
IPO B4GQBHS500/13001-2-3-455/1256" FLANGED4" FLANGED
IPO B4EXQBLS500/11001-2-385/1706" FLANGED4" FLANGED
IPO B4EYQBM500/10001-2-3-4100/1955" FLANGED4" FLANGED
IPO B4EYQBH500/11501-2-3100/2055" FLANGED4" FLANGED
IPO B4EYQBHS500/11503100/2055" FLANGED4" FLANGED
IPO B5EQBH500/12503-445/1206" FLANGED5" FLANGED
IPO B5EXQBHS800/20001-2-385/1906" FLANGED5" FLANGED
IPO B6JQBL500/12503-450/1158" FLANGED6" FLANGED
IPO B6JQBM800/18501-2-3-460/1208" FLANGED6" FLANGED
IPO B6JQBMS800/1850360/1208" FLANGED6" FLANGED
IPO B6EXQBL1000/20001-2-360/1158" FLANGED6" FLANGED
IPO B6EXQBM1500/30001-2-3-475/1008" FLANGED6" FLANGED
IPO B6XTQBH1500/30001-2-360/1008" FLANGED6" FLANGED

SAE End Suction Irrigation Pumps are suitable for any application requiring the convenience of an internal combustion engine as a power source. End Suction pumps must be flooded prior to operation. Several models available, including the popular models B3, B4 dans B5.


  • 20,000 hours bearings life
  • Dual-access packing area
  • Very affordable

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