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Bag with handle for Row Cover

Item # SAZH38X65-V
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Row Bag with fastener

  • Row Bag with fastener
  • Row Bag
  • Row Bag Utilisation
Row Bag Row Cover Bag
Product No. Bag Weight Size Color
SAZH38X65-V90 gr
0.20 lb
38cm X 65cm
15'' x 26''

The green Row Bag with handle is perfect to secure to the ground perforated row covers, floating row covers, Hibertex Pro, insect control netting, silage tarps, etc.  The Row Bag doesn’t damage or dirty the row covers and other materials. 

Equipped with a fastener to close the bag so you no longer need to try separate plastic fasteners.


  • HDPE Material
  • U.V. Treated
  • Lifespan: 7 years


  1. Fill the bag with crushed stones
  2. Close the fastener

Video avec Curtis Stone (seulement en anglais)

Customer Reviews

Great product! Review by Mark Z
General appreciation
Bags are tough and durable. The handle makes it easy to move. (Posted on 18-04-04)
Awesome Review by
General appreciation
Use for silage tarps, floating row covers and even weed fabric. Use a smooth stone for best results. Great time saver and tarp saver! (Posted on 18-04-04)
Awesome Review by
General appreciation
Use for silage tarps, floating row covers and even weed fabric. Use a smooth stone for best results. Great time saver and tarp saver! (Posted on 18-04-04)
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Buy these Review by Kimberly
General appreciation
These bags are awesome. Easy and convenient, strong and sturdy. I use them on tarps, row covers and as tent weights at the farmers market. (Posted on 17-07-10)
Public pictures Review by concepcionua4
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(Posted on 17-06-22)
Handier than a shirt pocket Review by Jimbo
General appreciation
Love them. so easy to move. The handle is what make them special (Posted on 17-06-22)
Excellent product Review by Nathon Hall
General appreciation
Some people ask "why not use stones?" It's a good question. 1) stones sometimes have sharp corners, 2) stones don't have handles 3) stones don't have as much contact surface area, 4) it's hard to carry four stones at a time, 5) stones cannot be slung into a utility vehicle with very little care. (Posted on 17-05-24)
Very useful Review by hvermont
General appreciation
We use these to weigh down our canopy at the farmers' market, to weigh down silage tarps and to weigh down floating row covers. Very easy to move around and this is now their 4th year and they are still going strong. (Posted on 16-07-04)
Great product Review by Jeff
General appreciation
East to fill and handle. Highly recommended. (Posted on 16-06-10)
Good! Review by BetterTogether Farm
General appreciation
Just started working with them and so far so good! Thank you!

Maybe we can rate it in a year and see how its doing:) (Posted on 15-03-03)
These bags seem great Review by Farm girl
General appreciation
We have just received these, filled them with gravel and put them out on our low tunnel plastic. So far they have been easy to manage, I like the handle (although it feels a little like it may tear overtime, we shall see) and the green color blends in so much's nice not to have bright white bags everywhere. They can handle a good deal of weight so I'm hopeful that they will hold everything in place well. The UV resistance we cannot speak to, which is why we didn't rate this with five stars. (Posted on 14-10-22)
Row cover bags Review by Mountainman999
General appreciation
Being in W.V. I received my order promptly for it being free shipping. The bags when I first seen them seemed to appear not well constructed, but when I filled them and tied them of they seemed like of good quality. I filled some with 3/4 crushed stone and some with washed river pebbles to see if they will last longer than the 7yr life span as the river pebbles do not have sharp edges. I would give these bags an initial 5 rating if they had tie strings on them to tie off the bottom instead of using tie wraps. After a few years I will post an up date on the wear factor of these bags. (Posted on 14-04-21)

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