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Net ''S'' Clips

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''S'' Clip for shade and anti-hail netting

  • ''S'' Clip for shade and anti-hail netting
  • ''S'' Clip with hail netting and polyamide wire
  • ''S'' Clip with shade netting
  • ''S'' Clip with EasyKlip
Product No. Lenght Width Weight
FCLIPDBLEHOOK2.25" - 5.7 cm1.5" - 3.8 cm4.5 gr - 0.01 lb

Net "S" clips are designed to easily and quickly link several nets together or attach them to steel or polyamide wires. The clips are UV stabilized, do not dry up over time, and keep their physical strength. They are therefore reusable for several seasons. A folding device keeps nets from coming undone under high winds. To maximize their use and reduce damage caused to small-mesh netting, it is strongly recommended to used them with EasyKlip.


  • Easy to use
  • UV stabilized
  • Keep their physical strenght
  • Folding device
  • Reusable

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