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Prothec Wires Ties

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''Firm'' Green Wire Ties Prothec - 3 wire

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  • ''Firm'' Green Wire Ties Prothec - 3 wire
  • ''Soft'' Beige Wire Ties Prothec - 2 wire
  • ''Reinforced'' Brown Wire Ties Prothec - 2 wire
  • ''Firm'' Biodegradable Wire Ties Prothec - 3 wire
  • Attaches "permanentes" - 3 fils
Product No. Wire Width Lenght Lifespan Color
FATTPRO3FILV3 wire8mm / 0.31"350m / 1 148'8 - 10 monthsGreen
FATTPRO2FILBE2 wire8mm / 0.31"350m / 1 148'6 - 8 monthsBeige
FATTPRO2FILBR2 wire8mm / 0.31"350m / 1 148'18 - 24 monthsBrown
FATTPRO3FILBIO3 wire8mm / 0.31"350m / 1 148'8 - 10 monthsWhite
FATTPRO3FILNO3 wire8mm / 0.31"350m / 1 148'+ 36 monthsBlack

Degradable & Biodegradable Ties Prothec

Degradable Green ties

  • 3 wires: last 1 season
  • A tie for annual prunning of vines 3 years of age and more, with weight of full cro

Degradable Beige ties

  • 2 wires: last 1 season
  • A light, supplie tie for annual prunning of young vines up to 3 years (green wood), without weight of grapes

Degradable Brown ties

  • 2 reinforced wires: last 18-24 months
  • A tie for mature plants in bad weather conditions and heavy fruit load

Biodegradable ties

  • 3 reinforced wires: last 8-10 months
  • To be used by Certified Organic and Bio-Dynamic Growers
  • Meets European standards for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Farming
  • Transforms into compost after falling into the ground


Permanent black ties

  • 3 reinforced wires: + 36 months
  • Used for old vines
  • To pinch back tree branches
  • Fix irrigation tubes or bamboo stakes on trellis wires

Customer Reviews

Very positive Review by John Rees
General appreciation
I have been using this system for pruning for over 20 years
I think it is so good that I am prepared to effectively pay double the price as there is no Australian agent any more.Easy to apply,secure for the whole year and yet not difficult to remove when pruning the next year (Posted on 18-06-29)
Perfect Review by Gary
General appreciation
I needed some grape vine ties and these work wonderfully. (Posted on 17-07-16)
Great product Review by Paul
General appreciation
I have used the beige version of this product for many years to tie new renewal cordons in my vineyards. These ties will disintegrate before the girdle the new canes. (Posted on 17-06-02)
great product Review by Mandy
General appreciation
I have used the green version of this product before but decided to try the bio this time because it's immediately compostable. So far I like it. I'm curious to see how well it holds up during waterings and rain. I think it will be fine.
The shipping cost was WAY TOO MUCH for this product. (Posted on 13-06-23)

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