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AquaTraxx PC - Drip Tape

AquaTraxx PC - Drip Tape

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Aquatraxx Drip Tape pc
Product No. Diameter Wall Thickness Spacing Individual Emitter Flow Rate GPH @
10 PSI
Q-100 GPM per 100' @
10 PSI
GOAQEAP51012345/8"10 mil12".20 gph
.23 gph
.34 gpm
.38 gpm
6 000'

AQUATRAXX PC is the industry's only pressure compensating drip irrigation tape. AQUATRAXX PC increases profitability by saving water, energy and chemical costs and it allows for optimum results on land that was once considered marginal. AQUATRAXX PC's superior performance takes drip tape irrigation system to the next level.

We recommend AQUATRAXX PC for the following applications:

  • Ideal for irrigating crops in difficult topographical conditions
  • In areas of high wind where spray losses and poor uniformity would be unavoidable with sprinklers
  • In areas with low or varying water pressure and in installations requiring long laterals

Understanding AQUATRAXX PC Part Numbers

Denotes 5 for 5/8" diameter or 7 for 7/8" diameter

ZZ   Denotes mil thickness

Example:    GOAQ EAP 5 10 08 67


EAP Pressure Compensating
5 Diameter as 5/8"
10 10 mil thickness
08 8" spacing
67 Q-100 flow rate at 10 psi


NOTE: Install AQUATRAXX Drip Tape with blue stripes on top.

Toro's ”Drip/Micro Payback Wizard” Calculates Cost Savings.


The Toro Company introduces its new ”Drip/Micro Payback Wizard” that estimates how long it takes to offset the investment of a new drip or micro irrigation system, along with how many additional acres could be farmed with the water saved by using this cost-effective technology. Developed in partnership with the Irrigation Association (IA), this new online tool is designed to help growers easily recognized the cost savings and determine the payback period of converting to a drip or micro irrigation system.
Currently, les than 10 percent of U.S. farmland is drip irrigated,” says Inge Bisconer, technical manager for Toro’s Micro-Irrigation Business. “Because drip irrigation uses water more efficiently, increases revenue and decreases costs, we are working closely with the IA to expand the use of drip irrigation in farming applications. The Payback Wizard tool helps growers quickly realize the cost benefits of upgrading their current irrigation system to drip
According to Bisconer, the Payback Wizard is simple to use. Growers simply submit information on five criteria – their state, the type of crop, how many acres, their current irrigation system (gravity, sprinkler or mechanized) and their water cost per acre-foot. In seconds, the Payback Wizard analyzes the grower’s production and investment costs, as well as projected revenue increases, to estimate the payback period and additional acres that could be farmed with the water saved.
Our goal in developing the Payback Wizard is to help growers use water more efficiently and improve profitability. It demonstrates how affordable it is to convert to drip irrigation systems by assessing revenue increases and cost savings before the investment is made

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