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Anti-Leak Fogger Low Flow

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Anti-Leak Foggers Low Flow | 2 or 4 way

  • Anti-Leak Foggers Low Flow | 2 or 4 way
  • 3.1 gph Two way Anti-Leak Fogger
  • 6.1 gph Four way Anti-Leak Fogger
Rivulis Eurodrip
Product No. Flow Rate Opening Pressure
Closing Pressure
water lines
Distance Between
the Fogger and the plantation
IS JD1010036753.1 GPH50 PSI20 PSI50 to 72 PSI3' (0.90 m)4' (1.22 m)18'' to 30''
(45.72 to 76.2 cm)
IS JD1010036736.1 GPH50 PSI20 PSI50 to 72 PSI3' (0.90 m)4' (1.22 m)18'' to 30''
(45.72 to 76.20 cm)

The fogger allows for the adequate irrigation of cuttings and germinating seeds. This versatile device maintains the humidity level and evapotranspiration conditions, or it may be used as cooling system in greenhouses and high tunnels.

Given its unique vortex flow, the fogger spreads extremely fine droplets, even at very low flows. The fogger is equipped with an anti-drip mini-valve; therefore, once the irrigation system is shut off, there is no more flow.


Install the first and last irrigation line 1.5' from the edge of the surface to be irrigated. Afterwards, allow 4' spacing between the lines to uniformly cover the surface.

For maximum efficiency, install the fogger at a height between 18" and 30" from the planting level, all the while respecting a 3' spacing between foggers on a same line.

When using four-way foggers, their positions must be alternated between 45˚ and 90˚ so to adequately cover the entire surface to be irrigated and avoid water ponding in a certain zone to the detriment of another (see the "tips" tab).

Advantages and Specifications

  • In average, the FLF is spreading 70 micrometres (2.75 mil) droplets.
  • Humidity and temperature control
  • Rotary droplet spray
  • 5.4-10.5 Lph (1.4-2.77 gph)

How to install the fogger

Foggers configuration

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