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Anti-Corrosive Pump

Item # IPO HC-3MD
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Anti-Corrosive Pump

Franklin Electric
Product No. Flow (GHP) Voltage Weight
IPO HC-3MD750115 V8.75 lb

Magnetically driven pumps for highly corrosive chemicals and solutions. The MD-HC Series features leak proof, sealless magnetic drives and is designed for in-line, non-submersed use. These pumps feature polyphenylene sulphide (e.g. Ryton®), Viton®, carbon and ceramic parts. The thermally protected open fan-cooled motor has ball bearings and the pump comes with a 1.8 m (6 ft) power cord and 3-prong moulded plug (the 230 V version has no plug).



  • Specific gravity – up to 1.1 
  • Ambient air temperature – up to 25oC (77oF)
  • Fluid temperature – up to 93oC (200oF)



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