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Portable 12 DC volt pump primer

Item # IKP HA2013090010.
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Portable 12 DC volt pump primer

Dubois Agrinovation Irrigation Plasticulture Containers
Product No. Dimension Weight Voltage DC Priming Amps Maximum Amps
IKP HA2013090010.17" x 10" x 19"47 lb12 volts220 amp300 amp

The portable 12 DC volt pump primer is designed to quickly prime pumps with long, steep gradient suction pipes. It vents the air out of the suction pipe to avoid irreversible damage to the pump's structure.

The aluminum frame makes it possible to quickly move the primer.



  • 10' clear hose reinforced with ¾" CamLock barbed fitting – Type C
  • 10' booster cable
  • Requires a 12-volt battery with max. 220-300 amps
  • Performance — Vacuum Capability of 24 in. Hg (610 mm Hg).
  • Pump Type — Heat-treated, anodized aluminum specially coated for wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Control Valve — Single action, push-pull control valve, all bronze construction. Designed for mounting on pump or panel for remote control operation. Optional SPV Control Valve allows single button to operate the primer


*** Battery not included

  1. Manually maintain the primer's valve open to fill the clear pipe
  2. Once the pipe is full, shut off the primer's valve
  3. Then, shut off the valve installed on the suction pipe
  4. Start the pump

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