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Plain Aluminum Irrigation Pipe *not sold in the US*

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Item # IA TUY-2X30

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Plain Aluminum Irrigation Pipe

Product No. Size Thickness Sold
IA TUY-2X302" x 30'0.050"30 feet
IA TUY-3X303" x 30'0.050"30 feet
IA TUY-4X304" x 30'0.050"30 feet
IA TUY-5X305" x 30'0.052"30 feet
IA TUY-6X306" x 30'0.058"30 feet
IA TUY-8X30.728" x 30'0.072"30 feet
IA TUY-10X3010" x 30' 0.094"30 feet
IA TUY-2P2"0.050"Foot
IA TUY-3P3"0.050"Foot
IA TUY-4P4"0.050"Foot
IA TUY-5P5"0.052"Foot
IA TUY-6P6"0.058"Foot
IA TUY-8P8"0.072"Foot
IA TUY-10P10''0.094'' Foot
IA TUY125-150P1-1/2"0.125"Inch
IA TUY125-2P2"0.125"Inch
IA TUY125-3P3"0.125"Inch
IA TUY125-4P4"0.125"Inch
IA TUY125-5P5"0.125"Inch
IA TUY125-6P6"0.125"Inch
IA TUY125-8P8"0.125"Inch
IA TUY250-75P3/4"0.250"Inch
IA TUY250-4P4"0.250"Inch
IA TUY250-5P5"0.250"Inch
IA TUY250-6P6"0.250"Inch
IA TUY250-8P8"0.250"Inch

Aluminium pipe with no fittings for irrigation. Various sizes and thicknesses are available. Note that pipes 0.050” to 0.072” thick are sold per linear foot. However, pipes more than 0.125” thick are sold per linear inch.

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