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Agryl P-22 - Floating Row Cover

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Item # AGRYP2216X100

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Agryl P-22 - Floating Row Cover

Agryl Row Covers
Product No. Dimension (meter) Dimension (feet) Weight
AGRYP2216X10016m x 100m 53' x 328'77.44 lb
AGRYP2216X25016m x 250m 53' x 820'194 lb

Agryl P-22 is a strong high quality floating row cover  which provides highly effective crop protection against bad weather (cold, wind) and insects, thus improving the yield and quality of crops. It creates a favourable thermal effect for growing plants by increasing temperature and maintaining humidity.

Advantages :

  • High quality floating row cover
  • Creates a favourable microclimate for the growth of plants
  • Offers earlier maturity
  • Increases  yields
  • Provides very good protection against invasive weeds
  • Weight without reinforced edge : (22gr/m²) (0.072oz/ft²)

** Special order with minimum quantity **

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