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Agryl P-12 - Floating Row Cover

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Agryl P-30 - Floating Row Cover

  • gryl P-12 - Floating Row Cover
  • Agryl P-12 - Floating Row Cover with aphid
  • Agryl P-12 - Floating Row Cover with white fly
  • Agryl P-12 - Floating Row Cover
Agryl Row Covers
Product No. Dimension (meter) Dimension (feet) Weight
AGRYP121,55X1001,50 m x 100 m4.92' x 328'4.2 lb
AGRYP121,55X2001,50 m x 200 m4.92' x 656'8.4 lb
AGRYP121,55X5001,50 m x 500 m4.92' x 1 640'21.1 lb
AGRYP123X1003 m x 100 m
Not available via the website
9.84' x 328'19 lb
AGRYP123X2503 m x 250 m
Not available via the website
9.84' x 820'30 lb
AGRYP123X5003 m x 500 m
Not available via the website
9.84' x 1640'50 lb
AGRYP126,40X2506,4 m x 250 m21' x 820'45 lb

Agryl P-12 is a non woven row cover without reinforced edges, especially developed for crop protection against pests and bad weather (rain, wind).

Ultra light (12 g/m2) (0.04oz/ft2)

With a slight thermal effect (not to be used to protect against freezing), the Agryl P-12 was specially created to "naturally" protect crops from insect attacks. Acting like a physical barrier, Agryl P-12 keeps your crops free of insects until the harvest. Using Agryl P-12 is THE natural and friendly protection against pests.

Advantages :

  • An efficient crop protection especially against insects
  • Prevents the laying of eggs and multiplication of larvae
  • Makes the transmissions of viruses by insects impossible (aphids, white flies, etc.)
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals
  • Protects young plantings from bad weather (heavy rain, strong wind) that could lift them off the ground

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Customer Reviews

Good so far Review by bc
General appreciation
Too early in the season to tell but went up well. So far so good. (Posted on 14-06-09)
good Review by yo
General appreciation
easy to use, wont know the effectiveness of your product until the season is further along. so far I am satisfied. (Posted on 13-06-11)

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