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Accessories for Jang Automation Clean Seeder

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Jang Automation Seeder Options

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  • Jang Automation Seeder Options
  • Double Disc Opener - PIMEC JP-TP1000D
  • Double Shoe - PIMEC JP-JPDS
  • Fertilizer Hopper - PIMEC JP-JPN
  • Hopper Extension - PIMEC JP-JPEXT
  • Row Marker - PIMEC JP-JJPRM
Product No. Description
PIMEC JP-TP1000DDouble Disc Opener
PIMEC JP-JPNJPN Fertilizer Hopper
PIMEC JP-JPEXTHopper Extension - Triples Hopper Capacity

Double Disc Opener can be ordered with the unit in lieu of the regular opener  - PIMEC JP-TP1000D

Should the grower have trash and residue built up, the Double Disc Opener will help to clear the path. These are not intended as a “no-till” supplement. It is, however, proposed for ground that needs a little prep in between tilling.At checkout, you will be prompted whether you would like to order this separately or in lieu of the standard opener on the Jang Automation Clean Seeder.

PIMEC JP-JPDS Double Shoe for ME-JP-1 Jang Seeder

To use, you would remove the Standard Shoe. The Double Shoe will plant the seeds in Two Lines--2” apart. It is only used with the 24 hole roller -- The divider will drop the seed down each side thus creating 2 lines of 12 holes. Great for green onions, carrots and more.

If you used these on the ME-JP-3, 3 of these would plant 6 rows of seeds.

PIMEC JP-JPN Fertilizer Hopper for JP and JPH Series Jang Seeders

PIMEC JP-JPN Fertilizer Hopper for ME-JP-1, ME-JP-3, ME-JP-6, and JPH Series Jang Seeders. PIMEc JP-JPN Fertilizer Hopper for ME-JP-1 Jang Seeder.

The base of the hopper is another roller. There is no agitator, however the grower can drill the roller deeper and wider if needed. It is the same hopper that is used on the seeder. Also, please note that the same hopper extension for the seeder would work for the fertilizer attachment.

The Fertilizer Attachment has a hose that can direct the fertilzer either along side the furrow opener or directly into the furrow. The cover blade behind the shoe will cover some of it, but some will also be dragged and just left on top of the soil.We have included below a very large picture of the hopper so that you can see the hose placement.Also, this design will work to side dress your plants.

PIMEC JP-JPEXT Hopper Extension ~ Triples Hopper Capacity


The Jang JP-1 Row Marker is mounted on a round bar and is secured with a set screw. Simply loosen the set screw and move the marker 225° and resecure the set screw.

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